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Thursday, December 31, 2009

"African- American Me"?!!!

You know what?.... I don't Like the term "African-American". I'd rather just be called Black. Most Black People I know as well as their Parents, Grandparents, etc. Have never even BEEN to Africa. I was just sitting here wondering Who passed the Bill on declaring the term to be "Politically Correct"? No controversy intended and I don't mean to offend any Black Organizations with the term in their title...just wondering if I should answer to something that I can't explain the origin or reason for. Even my Friends from Nigeria and Ghana, Africa don't understand how a culture can be displaced from it's Origins for hundreds of years becoming it's OWN and then slapped with a tag based on a culture that it hasn't lived as for Centuries.
The truth is.... that when We as Black Americans visit Africa, We're not viewed as one of them. There's not even a "Prodigal Son" theme at play here. in Africa, Black Americans are viewed by the Citizens of Africa as "Americans". The irony to me is that over here in America, We are referred to as "African- Americans". Adjectives are usually used to describe a noun (i.e. "fuzzy peach", "hot day"). In My point of View...if You're going to describe an American as "African", then You should at least (if asked) be able to answer how that "Adjective" describes that "Noun" (PERSON,place or thing). Skin color is not a viable option unless there's a Crayon in the Big Crayola box labeled, "Africa". I know it's a mouthful but "American of African Descent" actually makes alot more sense to Me because there is scientific proof that makes this term accurate. Like they say, "It's not what You call Me but what I answer to that matters". I'm open to hearing reasons why some of You may believe this is a fitting name to describe Us. I may even re-evaluate my Point of view if presented with reasons that compel Me to do so. The truth is... some of You agree and some of You of course don't. However, no matter what Your point of view is...Your opinion matters. Please feel free to comment with your Point of View! Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to All of You!