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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Letter to Dish Network! ;(

To Whom it May Concern,
I'm taking the time to type this letter in the hopes that it doesn't "Fall on Deaf Ears" so to speak.
Since becoming a Dish Network Customer, I've experienced nothing but blatant disregard to the concept of "Customer Satisfaction".
First of all, Upon signing up with Dish Network, I opted for Paperless Billing, went fine until suddenly....You removed paperless billing from my account, this caused a disruption in my payment method which brings me to the point, I made a payment recently at a local Payment Center (this method causes payment to be delayed by a day or two) I wasn't given a single minute past the due date and my service was interrupted.I would be okay with this but the fact that whenever bad weather occurs and I have NO signal (yet I'm still being billed for a screen that says "Complete Signal Loss")...I'm basically told to grin and bear it.
I called your company and requested that the Dish be replaced to a location where I can reach it/get to it in order to remove obstruction (in this case Snow) without risking injury/death.
I was told that it would cost me $65.00 up front to do so. In other words, Your Technician's failure to place the Dish in a sensible, reachable location to the Paying Customer should cost THAT customer money?!!! I don't see the fairness in that at all. Your company takes and demands prompt payment (not to mention Extremely long waiting periods that end with you finally speaking to a representative that you ALWAYS thank for NOTHING) yet doesn't meet with it's customers half way. Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios do indeed cost a significant amount more but I'm starting to see why, They provide excellent customer service, are rigid, true, but much more willing to work with the customer than people at D.N. (You don't even offer "On Demand Channels"...nothing. The biggest sales gimmick you people can come up with is a Phone App that allows you to Program your DVR away from Home. (Really?!!!!)
I look forward to my contract with you being up so that I can RUN back to Time Warner or Verizon Fios. They're Superiority to you is actually worth the higher price. Thank You Dish Network! for showing me that Quality Service is truly worth paying for!
- Rudy A. Rimpel