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Friday, May 15, 2009

"The Ugliest Beauty Pageant Winner Ever"

I'm gonna start this off by saying that 2009 has so far been a year of progress and positive change.
We have a new, African American (or at least mostly) President. Gay marriage/Civil unions are being made legal at a rate some of us would never have imagined possible and intercultural cohabitation has reached a "This Land is Our Land" level of comfort.
Imagine my disappointment when Beauty Pageant (Miss California) winner, Carrie Prejean begins spewing ignorance, bigotry and discriminating comments within her highly publicized speech(Which by the way was supported by Bad Hair Day Spokesmodel, Donald Trump),She made statements that speak harshly against Gay marriage and gays having the right to adopt children. Adding insult to injury, she iterates (with a Shit-eating expression) that the President, (Barack Obama) shares in this belief.
I couldn't help but instantly feel a strong dislike for this woman who has become California's celebrated Village Idiot. She later goes on to say in a press conference (which aired later) that if Americans share this belief with her, as long as they say "no offense" it's okay to say it. (WTF)?!!!
Carrie Prejean then not only reiterated that Obama shares this outlook but Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as well. Let me just say that if the American Majority had this narrow minded point of view, there wouldn't be an African American President or a female Secretary of State!!!
Miss Prejean has been foolished dubbed as the "Biblically Correct" Miss California yet what seems like minutes later, out comes her "See my Tits" photos!!! Where in the Old or New Testament is that Biblically correct?!!
She then goes on to insult ALL Americans by blaming the exposure of her breasts on the wind that day, claimimg she didn't know those photos were being taken...yet it's painfully obvious she proudly posed for them. If she's opposed to Gay rights ...that's okay. I just find it reprehensible that she uses a public platform to promote and "recruit" others to join her in that belief. It's toxic and sets us as a country back at least 30 years. I have faith that this socially retarded idividual (Prejean) is gonna end up being reduced to nothing more than SNL/MadTV spoof material.
I've posted several links on Twitter that point directly to Prejean's, inconsistency, dishonesty, hypocrisy and stupidity. Another beautiful aspect of the progress we've made in America is to project our voices throughout the world via internet. Her freedom of speech is also freedom for me. Let's continue to grow in our tolerance, understanding and even appreciation for those who are different.This is America...Carrie Prejean should be viewed as nothing more than a typographical error or a faulty stitch in this beautiful "American Quilt" that we all (Knowingly or otherwise) contribute to. Let's keep moving forward as a whole and really become one nation under God.


  1. Bravo !
    I totally agree with your detailed analysis Rudy and I certainly encourage you to feed us with more critique like this about various subject of our today's headline.
    Good job !


  2. Thanks Dominic!!!:) You're officially my first commenter ever and that really means alot to me!
    So does the encouragement. As a matter of fact, because of it i'm constructing my next Post right now! You really brought a smile to my face!!!

  3. I agree also she's a dumb ass who needs to pick up a book mind her own business and clean up her own back yard. When judgement day comes I doubt that God (or whatever higher being you believe in) is going to sidebar with her so she can weigh in on the whole Gay situation and their martial status.

  4. Rudy, it is also intolerant to call her names because she shares a different opinion from you. I too believe that same-sex couples should have all the rights accorded to couples of the opposite sex, but what I disagree with is calling it marriage. I believe that marriage is an institution that was created for a man and a woman.

  5. Thanks dinedaaka!!! Your opinion matters to me...I don't share it but matters.